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Christ Our Life

This short clip is from a sermon called “Christ Our Life” preached by Bryan Mowrey, Jordan Dillon and David Qaoud at Jubilee Church in St. Louis, MO on May 11, 2014. This particular clip is of David, my good friend, preaching from Colossians 3:4.

I share this clip with you for two reasons:

1. David does an absolutely phenomenal job of communicating what this text means, why it matters and how it applies. He rightly emphasizes the importance of Jesus Christ being the sum total of our lives and not just a modest addition to our lives. This clip is well worth every second.

2. David and I have been friends for quite some time. He has sensed God’s call to preach the Bible for as long as I can remember. He has preached several short chapels to his college football team before games and a time or two at Living Hope before moving to St. Louis, but this is the first opportunity he’s had to preach at Jubilee.

Unlike many men who desire to preach, however, David’s all-consuming desire has simply been to know Jesus and make him known. He has submitted himself to church leadership, focused primarily on maturity as a disciple of Jesus and has refused to let a pre-occupation with preaching keep him from making disciples by serving the church where he is needed most, even in areas I know he wouldn’t be thrilled about for any other reason than to serve. He has been a good friend and a great example of what it looks like for Christ be be our life.

Therefore, this clip is worth watching not simply because David has preached a great message, but because I’ve seen him live this message every day for the past five years.  The best sermons are not only preached, they are lived by the preacher.  David does that and, for that reason, I commend his words to you today.

To watch the full-length sermon click here.





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