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Suffering Well

This past Saturday (April 6, 2013) I had the privilege of participating in a preaching training with a group of other dudes from both of Living Hope Church’s two locations.  We were each given a two verse passage of Scripture and asked to preach a sermon, approximately 10 minutes long, in front of the whole group.  After delivering our sermons we gave one another feedback: encouragement, affirmation and the dreaded correction and suggestions.  All in all the experience was enjoyable and helpful.

Enduring Affliction by the Grace of God

I was personally asked to preach out of 1 Peter 4:12-13 on the topic of “suffering well.”  This topic is personal to me because my family and I suffered through watching my dad die in front of us in 2010.  The message was recorded and I’m making the audio available here.  My hope is that it will encourage anyone who has or will go through a tough time to suffer well by the grace of God, for the glory of God.

The big idea is that we can share in Jesus’ sufferings and, through Jesus, look forward with hope and joy to the day God’s glory is revealed through our pain.  Every single one of us has, is or will experience adversity.  The question is how do we get through without losing our souls? This content will give you hope and comfort.  Please share it with your friends.


suffering well

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