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Examining the Church

What the Church is not.

Unfortunately, there are numerous false definitions of the church.  Most of them stem from cultural assumptions rooted in a secular worldview, few of them are biblical.  Some honor the church as the brick and mortar building where holy, religious meetings take place.  Others treat the church like a pez dispenser offering grace by means of dry crackers and strong wine from the hand of a monotone man in a dress.  Still others wrongly view the church as the self-righteous morality police who patrol the social world looking to conform the behaviors of society to the ancient regulations of the past.  Thankfully, the church is none  of those things.

What the Church is.

The truth is that church is not defined by the building it meets in, but by the people who meet in it.  The church is a people, not a place. The Church is made up of people whose lives, both private and corporate, revolve around and are sourced in the person and work of Jesus.  We live our lives for the glory of God by faith in the literal death and resurrection of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit as we grow in obedience to the Bible.  We gather weekly to celebrate Jesus Christ through baptism, Communion and worship, while learning together from the preaching of God’s Word.  We consider one another brothers and sisters by the Spirit of God and the shed blood of Christ, through whom we are adopted into God’s family.  Lastly, the Church is a group of people whose lives are affected 7 days a week by the person and work of Jesus as we live every day in obedience to Jesus as Lord and seek to share the truth of Jesus Christ with our families, co-workers, friends and acquaintences in action and word throughout each week. (Acts 2:42-47)

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the church is the people of God who gather regularly  for worship and scatter daily for mission.  We come together on Sundays to celebrate Jesus, while publicly seeking to lead others to Jesus throughout our daily lives.  We are a group of people whose lives are being affected by the person and work of Jesus Christ in every aspect of our being and who seek to invite others into the family of God by leading them to faith in Jesus.

Question: How does viewing the church as a people rather than a place help you appreciate its importance?  You can leave your comments here.

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